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We believe in software products that work well, solve critical problems, and create value for users. It's really that simple.

Let's get honest

Choosing A Development Team is Hard

Software development can be costly, inefficient, and confusing. Chasing down contractors or trying to decode a black box is a nightmare. Bowtie is a digital product company that values usability, performance, and intelligent design. We're value focused, but not cheap. We honor trust, and execute our client work with pride and efficiency. Hire us and we'll make your job easier.

Process is Everything

Thoughtful execution from day one, led by a cohesive team of product people. From kickoff to launch we maintain obsessive attention to detail and total transparency.

Unprecedented Attention

We work with a select number of clients at any time, meaning we can assure a tremendous amount of care and concern throughout the duration of your project.

We're On Your Team

Need help post-launch, or 6 months down the line? We provide training and documentation for every project, and offer continuous support as long as you need it.


Recent Work

SA Tomorrow Sub-area Plans

SA Tomorrow Sub-area Plans

Dual language community planning websites.

Web Development

USA Cycling Design System

USA Cycling Design System

A Bold Step for an Established Brand

Web App Design + Development, Team Augmentation

Alpine Provisions

Alpine Provisions

a new home for a growing brand

Shopify Development



Member Directory, Membership Badge, and technical overhaul

Web + API Development


We Know Your Stack

We're experts in Ruby on Rails, Shopify, React, React Native, Jekyll and more. Not sure where you fit? Ask us - we know your stack

Latest News

  • Why your business can’t afford a freelance web developer

    I'm going to lead this post with a disclaimer: I’m a recovering freelancer.

    I’ve built hundreds of small sites for clients, friends, and family over the years. Friends of mine are freelancers. And I’ve hired dozens of freelancers over the years while running development teams here at and other companies. I genuinely appreciate the impact that freelance work has had

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  • When it’s time to ditch your DIY website

    Technology is amazing. Every year we discover new ways to automate mundane tasks and simplify the creation of everything that humans produce.

    The web is no exception. We also find new tools to tell our brand story, and connect with an increasingly more connected audience. Nearly every day a new tool comes along to strengthen the voice or promotion of your brand, and to make it easier for customers to show their support.

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  • Did your ecommerce site fail you over the holidays?

    The last quarter of the year can be critical to a business’ success for the year, yet a lot of online retailers were not ready for the massive influx of visitors to their site in 2018, with holiday sales estimated to have reached a whopping $1 Trillion!

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