Technology is amazing. Every year we discover new ways to automate mundane tasks and simplify the creation of everything that humans produce.

The web is no exception. We also find new tools to tell our brand story, and connect with an increasingly more connected audience. Nearly every day a new tool comes along to strengthen the voice or promotion of your brand, and to make it easier for customers to show their support.

If you’re a business owner there’s a good chance you have bootstrapped your way through dozens of DIY tools to serve your back of house and front of house efforts. Surely as I type this, thousands of you are leveraging learning a new online tool to build your own website or ecommerce store.

While there is certainly a time and place to use DIY site builders, as you grow, those tools will begin to fail your customers. If you’re reading this post, chances are you might also have reached the inflection point where you are realizing that the ROI of DIY isn’t always what it once was. Or perhaps you’re stuck trying to provide an experience that speaks to your community, and your tool or skill set is incapable of achieving?

Or you may have grown to a level where the risk of DIY and not knowing how to do what you need to is hurting your business or creating customer service headaches. Don’t panic. This happens to nearly every business. Brands grow, needs change, and hopefully your customer base is keeping up with that growth even if your website has not.

If you’re tired of feeling out of your element and/or unable to efficiently execute your online presence – congratulations! You’ve leveled up. You’re ready to pass the torch to a team of professionals who can help take your vision to the level that you are taking your business.

As a business owner and homeowner, I’m happy to get my hands dirty in many DIY pursuits. Although I try not to spend my time doing anything I’m uncomfortable with, especially if I could be building new revenue using my core competencies.

At, we take a unique approach to learning your mission, understanding your needs, and proposing solutions that fit the needs of your community.

We are a web development company. We build websites and e-commerce stores every day. Web design and development are second nature to us because we have spent thousands of hours solving similar problems over and over. And we’re remarkably good at picking up other developer’s work and fixing short comings.

If you’re feeling the pinch of outgrowing DIY, let’s work together to get your technology in a more efficient, effective, and profitable place for your business this year.