Team Augmentation, MVP Development


Building Wealth Through Home Equity


Homebot provides homeowners with monthly insight into key statistics and valuation data to help them maximize their investment. After building a successful market base with existing homeowners, they tasked us to help them develop a MVP for a new product targeted at first time homebuyers.


The Result

Homebot’s core product leveraged an Angular front end. We helped them develop their first React front end, carrying forward styles and charts from the legacy product. Additionally, we developed several new visualizations using data from Homebot’s APIs. Our team was a natural fit to augment their team and help upskill their internal devs on a new tech stack.

Homebot has an established and complex dataset made available through multiple APIs. Our challenge was to help them create a MVP that visualized new metrics for first time home buyers. Additionally, they had extremely high standards regarding design and user experience.

Bowtie worked with Homebot on a team augmentation project, establishing a new code base that fit the patterns used in prior Homebot products. This was an accelerated project – just three months from start to finish. Additionally, we helped train a new developer hire to maintain and own the project internally. is a local startup with significant market share in the real estate analytics industry. They provide thousands of homeowners with monthly reports that analyze multiple data points to provide real time asset assessment and wealth insights. Their reports are currently provided by 1 in 7 realtors and lenders in our market.

Last year they were looking to expand their insights to first-time home buyers. Additionally, their current product was built in Angular and they wanted to branch into React framework. They chose Bowtie to build their MVP, working with their API and new data sources to calculate and build customer reports in a stunning new front end UI.

Following the completion of the MVP, they kept us on to upskill a new hire who would inherit the code base we built, as they planned to ultimately transition their legacy architecture to the new framework.


A Word from Homebot

"We needed to accelerate the development of a new product-line and Bowtie was recommended by other trusted colleagues. We engaged Bowtie for a period of several months and they were able to start on short notice. Of course they had to be familiar with our tech-stack but, more importantly, were able to contribute skillsets in multiple areas of importance, including project scoping / management; software architecture; data architecture; software design; UX design; coding / implementation; and testing/QA. I would highly recommend Bowtie and am more than happy to speak directly with anyone who would like more details about our experience."

Michael Lynch, COO