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  • 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Development Partner

    If this is the first and only page you've visited on our site, this post will seem novel. If not, then you know we stress the value of our partner relationships above all else. When building a new app, site, or redesigning an existing one, choosing the right web development partner may be the most crucial decision you make.

  • 6 Ways AI Can Help Your Ecommerce Business Grow

    Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past six months, you’re likely aware that Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic technology reserved for the movies. The value of AI has been making daily headlines for months, but have you started to leverage it in your business?

  • Why a Trusted Tech Partner is Critical for a Non Technical Startup Founder

    As a startup founder, you have _a lot_ on your plate. From developing your product or service to building a customer base, and raising funds, there are many challenges to navigate. As a non-technical founder running a tech startup it's critical to have a supportive and trusted partner as you navigate decisions that may not be second nature. You might be fortunate enough to have a technical co-founder. If not, you can rely on angel investors, consultants, or contractors. Here are five reasons why a trusted tech partner is critical for a nontechnical startup founder:

  • The Importance of Website and App Maintenance and Updates

    Maintaining and updating your application or website is essential for businesses of all sizes. Neglecting maintenance can have serious consequences in the short and long term, including decreased traffic and sales, security vulnerabilities, and a negative impact on your brand. Here are a few good reasons why you should be regularly updating and maintaining your code:

  • Keep it Static Stupid — Simple Sites Make Happy Clients

    The internet is broken. We arrived here mostly as a matter of habit — a pattern that needs to change.

    Your workflow is the problem

    A few years back (15?) developers and designers were introduced to an amazing, paradigm-shifting technology called a CMS (content management system). You know many of them by name (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.), and today they house a significant share of the web’s content.

    Why did the CMS take over? Before them most pages were written very simply — with a text editor. Content had to be manually updated on every page, and developers needed to keep track of every change to make sure that repeated elements were updated throughout a site.

  • Why your business can’t afford a freelance web developer

    I'm going to lead this post with a disclaimer: I’m a recovering freelancer.

    I’ve built hundreds of small sites for clients, friends, and family over the years. Friends of mine are freelancers. And I’ve hired dozens of freelancers over the years while running development teams here at and other companies. I genuinely appreciate the impact that freelance work has had

  • When it’s time to ditch your DIY website

    “If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.” – Richard Branson

    Technology is amazing. Every year we discover new ways to automate mundane tasks and simplify the creation of everything that humans produce.

    The web is no exception. We also find new tools to tell our brand story, and connect with an increasingly more connected audience. Nearly every day a new tool comes along to strengthen the voice or promotion of your brand, and to make it easier for customers to show their support.

  • Did your ecommerce site fail you over the holidays?

    Thoughts on why we prefer to put our E-Commerce clients on Shopify

    The last quarter of the year can be critical to a business’ success for the year, yet a lot of online retailers were not ready for the massive influx of visitors to their site in 2018, with holiday sales estimated to have reached a whopping $1 Trillion!

  • DVLP/DNVR Hosts ⋈ BowTie Panel

    Getting real about frameworks and shortcuts with Denver's top creative and technical talent.

    Our founder Chad Person is participating on a panel discussion with Matt Vogels from Webflow _(now [Zestful](, and Jason Waldrip from [Brand Folder](, for a discussion about creativity, originality, and inspiration in the age of ubiquitous frameworks and technology designed to do your job for you. 

    Join us for a discussion sure to rouse your mind, ignite your senses, and light a fire under your standing desk. _"If you can make anything, why make anything at all..."_ will take place at the *DVLP/DNVR* conference on *August 4th, 2016*.   For more information, visit [the Develop/Denver](

  • Chad Person talks inspiration and grit with the CO AMA

    Why 'Do what you love' is stupid, and how to follow your inner genius.

    Have you heard the expression 'Do What You Love'? It's become a bit of a rallying cry for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

    Tonight, Chad Person, the CEO and Creative Director of will discuss this rallying cry in relation to his 10 year career as a designer, artist and creative entrepreneur at RECESS an event produced by the Colorado AMA.  

    RECESS, an evening of learning and inspiration happening, takes place at the Denver Art Museum, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204 at 6:00 PM.

    Person will be joined by local creative giants, including comedian Debbie Scheer, gardener/poet/ DJ Cavem, and William Espey – Branding Voice Lead for Chipotle.  

    For tickets, or more information visit the [RECESS website](  

  • Celebrate Denver on Digital Agency Day

    Join BowTie in celebrating the best Digital Agencies in Denver.

    There are some incredible agencies doing great work in the realm of digital marketing. On January 28th, HubSpot and Unbounce are producing a day of online presentation and community-run events. To celebrate Denver's agencies and their hard work, BowTie is hosting Celebrate Denver ( - a happy hour and networking event at the end of Digital Agency Day.


    What is Digital Agency Day?

    The day will be full of both in-person and virtual events that highlight agency growth, strategy, and trends. If you go to Digital Agency Day's website (, you're able to upvote your topic of interest to be covered by industry experts. Then, on Digital Agency Day, you can tune in to watch any of the 8 chosen headline presentations. If you have any questions surrounding they day, the organizers have provided the hashtag #DigitalAgencyDay.  

    Celebrate Denver

    BowTie's community networking event will be held at Galvanize Golden Triangle at 5pm in the Gather cafe. The BowTie team will be there ready to talk digital marketing and take your questions about the future of the static web. It's free to attend, and snacks and beverages provided. Be sure to [RSVP](, see you then!

    Join us at 5pm, January 28th at Gather in Galvanize GT (map).

    Register here

  • Adobe Creative Jam selects Chad Person as judge

    Join our co-Founder for a night of inspiring design in Albuquerque for the Adobe Creative Jam.


  • Partnering with to Hack the Dot

    Do you

    Hack the Dot is a two-hour hackathon backed by The event is a unique mix of hacking, community building, and ridiculous fun.   Hack the dot logo -

    Participants are asked to show up and ship a project based on a _secret domain name_ revealed the night of the event. The theme at Hack the Dot Portland, hosted by QuickLeft, was '' - which not surprisingly, yielded high energy and hilarious projects.  

    Bowtie has been supporting Hack the Dot with a special 'pitch page' template that's helped lead more than one team to victory.  

    If you didn't join us in Denver, Seattle, or Portland, you can still meet us at Hack the Dot - San Francisco on December 10th. The event is sold out, but you can register for the wait list here. * I'm also fairly certain that if you show up day of, no one will toss you out ;)  


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