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Continuous Integration (CI) Assessment


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BowTie offers a number of fixed fee service packages to fix your issue and make stack more efficient.

Solution: Continuous Integration (CI) Assessment

Testing is critical to every organization but it is often overlooked. Our team will write initial tests for your app to provide reliable assurance of your application’s continuity and stability. We will also provide recommendations on industry best practices on continuous integration and make it part of your organization’s engineering DNA.

Additionally, BowTie can enable your team on our proprietary CI solution that will Test and Deploy your GitHub projects automatically at a fraction of the price of leading solutions.

Turnaround:  1-3 weeks

Cost:  $4,500 *

What We Do:  

  • Write tests and make recommendations on CI solutions
  • For basic infrastructure with variable application complexity, a complex infrastructure is more specialized.
  • Optionally enable your application to deploy on the BowTie CI solution.