Backend Services

Fixed fee audits, optimization, and backend services.

Not looking for the whole kit and caboodle?
Bowtie offers a number of fixed fee service packages to help make your stack more efficient.

Team Augmentation and Backend Services

When we engage a new client or hop into a team augmentation project we often need to evaluate an inherited code base, or shore up some immediate concerns. To take the guesswork out of the equation, we offer a handful of fixed fee services that cover our most common requests.


Automated Monitoring / Logging / Alerts

1-3 weeks / $2,750

  • Identify key metrics to monitor.
  • Recommend problem-specific solutions.
  • Establish logging and alerts.

After an application goes to production it is important to ensure reliability for your customers and stakeholders. Establishing automated logging and alert systems ensures optimum visibility and response time should an issue arise. This space is full of options. We’ll help guide you through the open source and paid solutions that may be right for your team, and make suggestions that fit your ideal customer response.

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Continuous Integration (CI) Assessment

1-3 weeks / $4,500

  • Write tests and make recommendations on CI solutions
  • For basic infrastructure with variable application complexity, a complex infrastructure is more specialized.
  • Optionally enable your application to deploy on the BowTie CI solution.

Testing is critical to every organization but it is often overlooked. Our team will write initial tests for your app to provide reliable assurance of your application’s continuity and stability. We will also provide recommendations on industry best practices on continuous integration and make it part of your organization’s engineering DNA.

Additionally, BowTie can enable your team on our proprietary CI solution that will Test and Deploy your GitHub projects automatically at a fraction of the price of leading solutions.

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Dockerizing Your Application

2-4 weeks / $3,800

  • Containerize your application using Docker.
  • Local development environment setup to mirror production usage.
  • Automated deployments (deploy Docker target).
  • Easy supporting infrastructure management.

Standardizing and simplifying your development & deployment processes can be difficult. Docker provides a unique solution by allowing a pre-configured, ready-to-run application/service to be bundled into a Docker container. These containers are standardized across environments and platforms, and can be used from local development, through production. Placing your application in Docker typically improves the ability and turnaround for CI/CD as well. Most existing apps/services can be “Dockerized” to enjoy the benefits of this new methodology.

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Infrastructure Assessment

1-3 weeks / $2,750

  • Identify resource/cost inefficiencies.
  • Provide a strategic plan for short/long term resource management.

We will review and assess the current state of your application infrastructure, then identify low hanging fruit that will make the infrastructure more efficient and cost effective. Our analysis will be wrapped into a detailed plan that lays out short and long term goals to maximize utilization and reliability of your infrastructure.

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Reverse Engineering and Infrastructure Training

3+ weeks / $9,500

  • Audit your existing application.
  • Map major systems and components for functionality and relationships.
  • Open the black box for executives and team members whom do not understand the current system architecture.
  • Diagram your system as needed.
  • Centralize access and implement best practices for shared log in.

We understand the unfortunate, yet common scenario whereby a technical leader exits an organization without appropriately transferring knowledge to the remaining staff. With our breadth of experience deploying and maintaining large production installations, our team can efficiently reverse-engineering your architecture, and provide the training to your remaining team in order to fill knowledge gaps or upskill current team members on the infrastructure you have deployed today.

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* Regardless of service, we charge a nonrefundable $250 initial fee to determine if your project fits within the expected scope of the service. If so, we will apply the fee to the service total and proceed. If in the rare instance your project exceeds the expected scope we will provide you with a custom estimate by which to proceed.