The last quarter of the year can be critical to a business’ success for the year, yet a lot of online retailers were not ready for the massive influx of visitors to their site in 2018, with holiday sales estimated to have reached a whopping $1 Trillion!


Our ecommerce clients love the solutions we provide because we’ve created a solid tech stack that is scalable, reliable, fast, and totally responsive - so even during peak holiday traffic, their ecommerce sites are reliably bringing in business and delighting customers.


Over the past several years, we’ve chosen to offer Shopify in our ecommerce tech stack after testing many of the competing options available on the market (including Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce).


Here’s why:

  • Endless design possibility. Shopify provides beautiful templates, but who needs those when you can have your very own custom site?! We’ve mastered the art of customizing the Shopify templates and can build pretty much anything a client can dream of. When you have outgrown common themes, we can help you implement a customer experience for digital natives that is unique to your brand. From site personalization to video content to Chatbot AI and beyond - we’ve done it all!
  • Big brands are using Shopify. If it’s good enough for well-known brands like Tesla, Patagonia, Nestle, Bulletproof Coffee, and Red Bull, we feel confident that it can serve the most discerning e-commerce or marketing managers standards.
  • You don’t have to worry about updating open source software. If you’ve ever built an ecommerce site using WooCommerce, you know what I’m talking about! Forgot to make that last Wordpress or plugin update? You’re at risk for a major security breach, DDoS attack, or an onslaught of bot-driven fake purchases. One thing I know customers hate most is having their credit card info stolen! Not to worry, Shopify has everything under strict security and you never have to worry about updates to the code.
  • They have a number of Premium functions already built in. The base Shopify plan includes a number of functions that other software charges you for including unlimited products, staff accounts, 24/7 support, manual order creation, discount codes, SSL certificate (added security), abandoned cart recovery, shipping labels, fraud analysis, accounting reports, product variants, and custom emails.You can take those items out of your customization budget and make your brand experience even more unique.
  • Shopify has a ton of great app integrations. You can add almost any integration to a Shopify site. Selling custom t-shirts? There is an app for the shirt builder. Using third party fulfillment? There’s an app for that. Shipping elephants across the world? They probably have an app for that too. (kidding!) And when you work with a certified partner we can test and ensure any third party tool against your whole site - saving you from costly conflicts and inadvertent downtime.
  • Security & Reliability. Shopify is a global hosted service, meaning they have people monitoring their network 24/7 for any attacks or outages. Also, their add-on apps and integrations have a set standard that will not pose the risk of giving you trojans or viruses. Other platforms cannot provide you with this level of security at the low price that Shopify does.
  • They have a POS system. All you need is an ipad or mobile phone to use their POS system. For a small monthly fee, they provide everything you need to run in-store purchases that sync back to the same platform and CRM as your online store. It’s brilliant!
  • Flexible ERP solutions provided. Grow your business with multi-channel selling tools that integrate with Shopify like Amazon and Ebay. Shopify has an integration app that connects Shopify with the leading ERP and accounting packages such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV & SL, Sage 50, 100, 300 & 500, NetSuite, QuickBooks, SAP Business One, Epicor Enterprise and many others.
  • You don’t have to worry about server costs. Many business’ are looking for more affordable hosting options, but luckily Shopify has this built into their software packages so you never have to worry about it. And the cost is very reasonable from $29 to $299/month (less the cost of add-on apps and services).


Are you in love with Shopify yet? Pat yourself on the back for doing the research and striving to make 2019 your best year yet!


Interested in learning more about our ecommerce solutions? Hit us up for a free consultation or check out our site audit services. We love solving problems for our clients!