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A Free CMS for Jekyll and Github


Houndstooth gives content editors a simple interface to publish changes to static sites hosted on Github. We built Houndstooth for our own clients and after testing it with hundreds of projects we decided to share it with the world.


The Result

We developed Houndstooth is a content management system for Jekyll and other static websites, making content editing simple for editors who have access to a project's Github account. Houndstooth is Open Source and free. It began as an internal tool for our agency, and now we're offering it to the larger community.

We’re big proponents of static site generators, database-free websites, and the JAM stack (javascript, APIs, markup) methodology – having deployed hundreds of these sites for our clients. But, clients need to edit their own content, and shouldn’t be required to learn complicated dev tools or touch code.

Houndstooth is an open source content management system. Houndstooth gives content editors a simple interface to publish changes to sites hosted on Github. Developers can easily control the content in a customizable CMS, and can use our online file editor for Github to make edits to any file in a repository from the browser.

It seamlessly syncs with your GitHub Repositories using the GitHub API so content editors can commit changes without a local editor.

Houndstooth exposes Jekyll collection content in a customizable UI, defined by the web developer, auto detecting collections for Jekyll sites so editors con create structured content without needing to understand code.

The Houndstooth editor can be used by anyone who wants an easy CMS for their Jekyll website, or is looking for an online editor for their Github repository. It is the missing link for JAM Stack and static site developers who want to provide their clients with an easy way to manage their site, agencies who use Jekyll or similar static site generators, marketers who want to be able to easily edit Jekyll site content.


A Word from Clients

"I edit hundreds of pages of content per week, and Houndstooth makes it so much faster and easier than the process I had been using. If I can't easily edit something, my developer fixes it so I can."

Carolyn Smith, OnlyYOU Genomics