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Bold Betties

Outdoor Adventure for Women

Bold Betties

Bold Betties is a female founded and operated company, changing the face of adventure. What began as a Colorado Meetup of women exploring the outdoors together, is now an international organization with chapters in dozens of cities, representing over 40,000 members. Bowtie developed the Bold Betties tool kit app, which pulled together data from multiple systems to make it easier to recruit and retain members, and to organize and manage trips. Our solution is powering the Bold Betties next wave of growth.

Bold Betties

The Result

Using Ruby on Rails and a custom ETL, we centralized disconnected data into a single system and data warehouse to capture and analyze the information they were gathering in multiple user management and acquisition sites that they did not own. This allowed us to visualize and export more useful data. We also built a tool for community leader recruitment and event creation, as well as consulting with their organization with repeat training and ongoing support. Bold Betties now has a single system that leverages the Meetup API for user acquisition, Shopify API for eCommerce, and a custom dashboard for member and event management and leadership recruitment.

With over 40,000 members in 60 cities and growing, the Bold Betties needed a way to keep their community-driven member chapters in sync. Additionally, they wanted actionable insight into their chapters to assist growth and foster stronger community engagement. Our challenge was to unify member processes to enable organization during a period of high growth and bring together disparate systems to unify data for better analysis and insight.

We spent several months diving into the organizational processes, learning every aspect and workflow. After hearing their solutions and suggestions we worked with them to strip back repetition and reduce inefficiency in the Bold Betties member growth, event management, and eCommerce processes. We were also able to suggest new methods of data capture and analysis that led to a more comprehensive organizational view.


A Word from Bold Betties

'We love the custom web app that Bowtie built us because it makes our process easier and gives me the data I need to grow the organization effectively. Highly recommended.'

Niki, Founder and CEO