Identity Design, Web App Development


Insurance Quotes that Don't Sting


Britebee is a radical new hassle-free marketplace for insurance. Consumers can add information and solicit quotes from several companies at once while protecting personal info and eliminating unwanted calls - unless they select the agents quote.


The Result

BriteBee is a revolutionary new online insurance search experience – making it easy to receive an online quote how and when you want it. Bowtie developed the BriteBee brand identity and launched their first web presence. We deigned a custom animation around the metaphor of the waggle dance, an act bees perform to show others how and where to find pollen.


A Word From BriteBee

Bowtie is one of the most down to earth and approachable firms I have come across. They were with me from the very beginning stages of the company. From the first 5 ideas we pitched to actual product launch, Bowtie was with our company the whole way. They are extremely founder friendly and the contract is straight forward and generous. They helped us hire our first in house developer and it was a huge win! Nothing bad to say... No one is perfect, but when there was problem it was quickly addressed. We are grateful for the such amazing service and ultimately a wonderful friendship.

- Keagan Henson, Founder/CEO Britebee