Un-Bored AI


Never hear 'I'm bored' again!

Are you running out of fresh ideas to entertain your family? Un-Bored AI uses artificial intelligence to suggest unlimited creative activities to try with your family.

Personalized Recommendations

Answer a few questions about your kid(s) interests, age, and where you want to play, then watch as personalized recommendations for activities or games that they'd enjoy are generated instantly.

All Ages

Accurate and tailored recommendations for your kid(s) age range. More than one kid? Activities that are fun for groups, like team sports or group projects will be included for you.

Plan Perfectly

Adjust time estimates so you can plan accordingly and choose activities that will perfectly fit your schedule.

On the Go

We have all kinds of suggestions for creative and educational activities. Spending the weekend at the beach? Taking a road trip? Set the activity type and tell us where you want to play.

Any Weather or Season

Sun, rain or snow - we have you covered. The activities, sports, games, and arts and crafts we suggest will be matched to weather and time of year.

Indoor & Outdoor

Provides suggestions appropriate for home, school, the woods, camping, and most any location, depending on your preferences.

About this App

The Bored Kids app was designed to showcase the creative power of artificial intelligence.

Select where, what, and with whom you would like to share an experience and our app will suggest novel ideas and activities to try. It may also suggest useful equipment, where required.

The results are entirely generated by an AI. The ideas it generates are potentially unlimited. They could be very interesting, or might get weird.

We hope this app inspires and entertains you. Take suggestions at your own risk. Have fun!

Any use of this app implies and requires acceptance of our terms of service.

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